Sunday, January 4, 2015

At the Studio: Paint What You Want!

Most of my business ideas stem from a DIY/Punk aesthetic. I believe in small, non-corporate spaces for creative people to gather. It's in these places that the best ideas grow. I want my studio to be a home for these grassroots kinds of ideas and I greatly believe that this kind of space is needed in Thomaston. 

But I'm aware that I live in a very small, low-income area. I can understand that not everyone has the means or the ability to attend my Arty Parties. Priced at $25 to $35, that could mean a lot to an already stressed family. I know this, & while I'm a firm believer that "If you're good at something, don't give it away for free," I also believe that the arts should be shared and experienced by ALL.

So I came up with this: Paint What You Want / Pay What You Can - A day to open up the studio to the community. I put my trust in Thomaston and the Universe to take care of my studio. People came in, slipped a donation in a box, and used studio supplies to paint whatever they wanted on a small 8x10 canvas. 

To be honest, I had zero expectations for the day. If it worked, it worked. If it didn't, well I was out the cost of canvases...and I knew I'd eventually use those. 

But look here:

I had TWENTY FIVE people come in during the course of the day. Every one of them eager to paint. Some were regulars and others never visited the studio before. I sketched out ideas for those who asked and tried my best to encourage everyone. And in turn, these painters encouraged ME. I felt like I had made the right choice making this event happen. At the end of the day I was BEAT but so gosh darned happy that this was a success through and through.

I do want to make this a bi-annual thing. I'll announce the next PWYW-PWYC in the next few months.

xo, Fawne

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